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Update from Coach Tav

By May 30, 2010September 19th, 2012Sports

The Cardinals finished the Spring season with just one loss!  Unfortunately, the loss was in the Championship game against the Knights, the team we beat the 1st game of the season.  The boys did NOT play their best as they gave up a couple LONG passes, missed some catches, and threw some interceptions.  However, I was VERY proud of how they PERSEVERED even with repeated mistakes.  The Knights played a SUPER game!

 Offense was spurred on by Max leading on his first scamper for a TD to begin each half.  The Knights defense were VERY gracious allowing Max to make his run for the end zone in grand style!!!   The Offense scored on the initial drives of each half to put us in the lead both times.  Even with mistakes made on both sides of the ball, the score stayed close til the end.  The boys took their ONLY loss of the year with grace and class.  Max did a SUPER job saying the prayer at the end of the game as both teams huddled up on one knee at the middle of the field.  

The season ending party was at our house later that evening with a lot of swimming and playing;  capped off with gifts to Max and his family from the WHOLE team.   It was nice to have Max’s aunt and uncle visiting all the way from Italy. 

We are blessed with great kids who have proven they are CHAMPIONS on and off the field!