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Chronically/Seriously ill child:

Place a child in a sports team or activity of their choice.  Surround the child with KIDS of their age and gender, who through their genuine, sincere LOVE and OUTREACH may be the special HOPE to bring the honored child and teammate a GREAT experience filled with SMILES, LAUGHS, and FUN!  Minimally, be the recipient of a special gift at the end of the season or session.

Team kids:

Through experience, the SPONSORING TEAM/ORGANIZATION will learn three essential life lessons.

  1. By putting the needs of their adopted teammate before their own, they will learn the importance of Service before Self.  Kids will gain CONFIDENCE by realizing that THEY can make a difference, spend the time, share their heart, and ultimately accomplish something “bigger than themselves.”
  2. By reaching out, identifying, and understanding their adopted teammate’s feelings and difficulties, they will learn the importance of having Empathy for Others.
  3. By working to accomplish the same goal/mission, the children will learn that great things can happen when ALL are working together, teaching the importance of TEAMWORK.