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Congratulations on Taking the First Step

Kids Playing for Kids Foundation is excited to invite your family to join our team. Our program invites children through the age of 18, with chronic or serious illnesses, or debilitating injuries and their families, to be part of a sports team of their choice.  Ideally, we match your child with age, gender, and type of sport.   Depending on the child’s physical condition, your involvement may range from just receiving the team uniform and having the kids visit your child in the hospital to actually getting involved in practice and games to the fullest extent possible.  A special gift/s the team children have paid for by their hard work and ingenuity (also with funds from the Foundation) will be presented to you and your child at the end of the season.Please complete and submit this form as soon as possible.   The application process takes approximately 2 weeks. Once the form is processed, you will be added to our list to be matched with potential teams in your area.  If you have additional children with a medical condition that qualifies for our program, please fill out separate Membership Applications.

The following application form is broken down into five steps. You are required to complete all fields as applicable before moving on to the next section.  Currently we do not have a save option, so if you leave the page or close this window your progress will be lost.  Make sure to give yourself adequate time to complete. Should you prefer to complete the application offline, please print a copy here and email to

KPFK Membership Application