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Here is a summation from “Coach D” on Brendan:

After missing the first half of his 2nd grade year battling an unexpected lung cancer, Brendan (The Bulldog) Davies battled back once again, and finished the second half of the school year at AmeriSchools Academy strong. So strong, that Brendan did not miss one day of school for 90 days straight. Not only that, he played with the Bulldog’s elementary soccer team (sponsored by Kids Playing For Kids), went toe to toe with every student in Coach D’s rigorous physical education program, and scored top in his 2nd grade class in all subject matters.
Most importantly, Brendan Davies brought back a lost spirit of faith traded for hope to all students and staff upon his return to Amerischools. The support from his family, classmates, teachers, Kids Playing for Kids, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and Batman is far from any kind of hope. But yet, such collaborative encouragement is exactly like an extraordinary faith. Brendan receives this support because he teaches to all who know him not to hope something will happen, but to go through the struggle and know victory will be on the other side. No matter his circumstances, he always executes exactly what he says he will do, or will be doing in his future. Always! And, that is having true faith in oneself.
Thanks Brendan!