• Basketball at CCV, Spring ’11 – Cowboys
    • Flag Football
    • Marianne Thomas
    • Coach Mike

    “KPFK is a great organization. They have not only helped my son feel like an athlete but also helped me conquer a fear of allowing my son to play sports, while dealing with his chronic illness ( Sickle Cell disease).
    My son was actually been able to play football and basketball and he loved it. He was a part of a team. He felt like he belonged. He loved the fact that they let him play and let him rest when he needed to so he didn’t miss out on play time. He made new friends and actually became more social. Coach Jan always makes sure he is well taken care of and always comes and checks on him. As well as all of the teams we have been sent to have great directors and coaches. It’s been one great fit after another. I really thank KPFK for creating an organization that helps kids like mine be just like other kids.
    Thank you so much KPFK.”